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Insect Perimeter Treatments

Each spring, Southern Indiana homes are invaded by pests.  These pests come from your yard and by putting a protective barrier around your home, we can keep these unwanted guests out of your house.

Turf Pro offers a range of Perimeter Pest control applications to best fit your needs. Try one, two or up to 5 for complete control.

Our Perimeter program controls pests like:





Army Worms

· Attacks all sorts of lawns in various parts of the country.

· They are very destructive!  

· It depends on where you live to what time of year they will attack.

What to watch out for:

· Moths flying around a light.

· Moths flying off as you walk across the lawn, what they are doing is

   laying their eggs.

The worms:

· Can be green, brownish green or black in appearance.

· Sometimes with a stripe or triangular markings.

· They will hatch after about 5-7 days and that is where the big damage

   is done.  

· They attack the lawn eating it and interestingly they don’t just attack

   any lawn they go for a nice healthy looking lawns.

· Once the worms have exhausted the food supply, they all get up in big

   groups and move on to the next lawn, a bit like an army on the march.


Checking for army worms:

· If you notice a patch or areas of your lawn that look a bit thinner or

  shorter or look like they have been  mowed you could have army worm.

· Have a look where the damaged area meets your normal lawn and pull

  the lawn apart.  What you will see is maybe some worms or some little

  green balls which is the waste product.


Flea/Tick Treatments

You treat the dog, but do you treat the lawn? Treating your dog for fleas and ticks is a good start, but what about the area where your dog plays? Your lawn can harbor a significant number of fleas and ticks. Even if your pet avoids bites, he or she could still track the insects into your home. Treating your lawn kills harmful bugs, so you and your pet can make the most of your yard.

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